World Teacher’s Day 22; A Day We Dedicate and Honour to Our Gurus

Today is World Teacher’s day, that is celebrated on 5th of September every year– a special occasion for all of us. The aim of celebrating World Teacher’s Day is to focus on “assessing, appreciating and improving educators around the world”. It also provides an opportunity to show light on the issues related to the teachers and teaching.

This day, we commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and celebrate those who educate, enlighten and prepare our nation’s future, our children. They have possibly one of the most difficult jobs in the world – that of shaping the minds of children and youth, who are our tomorrow. They are our teachers- and today we honour them.

Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

 Usually on Teacher’s Day, there are programmes conducted in schools and teachers are given a day of rest, while the senior students of the school take up the duties of their teachers and experience what it is like to manage a class full of young, naughty kids.

It then becomes a day of enjoyment for the kids of other classes, who get an unofficial day off and spend the day chatting with their friends, talking and asking questions to the “teacher” and playing games. The teachers, meanwhile, sit and enjoy in the staffroom, talking with their colleagues. Often, they get gifts like pens and cards from children, which probably makes their day a million times better. 

While this seems like a fun day, it is not so for the senior students who have to manage small, naughty kids for a few hours. Soon, one realises that this is not child’s play. In order to keep the class quiet, one must engage the children in some activities which is fun and interesting, so that they will be occupied.

While teaching a class, one must ensure that the class doesn’t become boring, that each and every student understands what is being taught and that students feel free to ask their doubts without any apprehension.

Also, setting question papers, grading them, keeping track of assignments, etc. is no easy task. Above all, a teacher must see to it that all his/her pupils turn out to be well-educated, well-behaved and informed citizens of the country.

This is the prime goal of teaching and it is a huge responsibility which is shouldered by many in our country and these teachers need to be respected and celebrated for their contribution to the society. 

Well, now you must have realised how much effort a teacher has to put in so that we can follow our dreams and lead better lives.

Yes, I do agree that sometimes their demeanour may come across as harsh, strict or even mean, but do know that they only want the best for us. Sometimes it may feel like our teachers do not understand us, that they are burdening us with work and pressurize us.

I, too, have felt like this at times. But then, all this is just so that we can learn better and improve ourselves. And remember – every time you think your teacher is being inconsiderate, you will realise that there will be many other times where he/she will be kind, considerate, helpful and friendly. 

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I end my article with this positive note that “Teachers are our guiding light, they’re the ones who help us to make our future bright. They educate us and prepare us for the world, encourage us to pursue our dreams and let them soar, 

A happy Teacher’s Day to All!

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